• By Marilou Arliguié
  • Posted April 25, 2024

Ciao Italia!

Escape Games l'Apéro expands to Italy! Following the successful development of Escape Games l'Apéro in France, Switzerland and Belgium, you'll find us in Italy too! For all our Italian players and aperitivo lovers, get in touch directly with our distributors in Italy to share and enjoy a convivial moment [...].
  • By Marilou Arliguié
  • Posted March 11, 2024

Happy Hour Escape Box

Hello English speakers! To all English speakers and people working abroad or in tourism, our cooler Chapter 1 is now available in English! 🇬🇧 Yes, unfortunately, the troublemakers are everywhere, and we need to recruit from all over the world in order to thwart their plans...! The game is [...]
  • By Marilou Arliguié
  • Posted March 8, 2024

A made-to-measure tasting

Everything to satisfy your taste buds! To access the delights hidden in our different Escape Games L'Apéro coolers, you'll need to put some of your grey matter to the test. Our distributors will be delighted to prepare the contents of the cooler with care, whatever your taste: gluten-free, alcohol-free or [...].
  • By Marilou Arliguié
  • Posted February 13, 2024

Happy New Year !

Our best wishes for the New Year! The Escape Games l'Apéro team wishes you a year filled with happiness, conviviality and, of course, aperitifs! Don't hesitate to contact one of our distributors throughout France to share and enjoy an exceptional moment with your loved ones. For [...]
  • By Marilou Arliguié
  • Posted February 11, 2024

New games available!

The latest creations from Escape Games: l'Apéro specially designed for our dear children and teenagers! Yes, you're not dreaming! Many have asked us, and we've done it. Originally, our creators had concocted complex scenarios designed for an adult audience, around the theme of aperitifs and therefore ... [...].