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From 6 to 99 years old, one of our games is definitely made for you!

Chapter 1:

Imagine the Fighters of Good Taste Association as a secret league of defenders of French gastronomy. They are on a mission to free the aperitif from the hands of the evil MoFo Party Killers. Join our heroic team and help us save the happy hour!

Chapter 2:

The MoFo Party Killers send you on a mission to sabotage one of the world's most epic festivals: Oktoberfest! Of course, you won't let that happen: your role as a double agent will be crucial in saving this world-famous event.

Kid's Party:

The little gourmets' feast is imprisoned in a giant cool box! Unlock it, play together, solve the riddles and free all the provisions in the Fiesta Gogo shop. Let the great adventure begin!


The teenage tea party is being held hostage in a giant cool box! You're a group of spies tasked with the most important mission: freeing precious groceries by outwitting mysterious riddles.

Escape Games Kid's Party (Spy Game)