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Have you always dreamed of entering the exciting world of Escape Games? Or are you, like us, a lover of good food? Why not combine both and turn these passions into an additional source of income?

Look no further than our Happy Hour Escape Box! Much more than just an activity, it's the perfect combo, the inseparable duo of Bonnie and Clyde, Batman and Robin, or cheese and wine...!

A Happy Hour must be earned! We're offering you this original and innovative mobile Escape Game concept, created by game designers who have more than twenty physical rooms under their belts. Once the box has been set up and filled with your locally-sourced products, all you must do is deliver the game (or suggest that your customers pick it up wherever indicated), let your customers have fun, and collect the box the next day. As the cool box is a real icebox, your customers will be able to enjoy all the great fresh produce that you've lovingly filled without ever breaking the cold chain.

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Happy Hour Escape Box

Join our network of 90 distributors with personalities as varied as the number of cheeses in France!

Our set up suits all profiles: whether you're a shopkeeper, a self-employed entrepreneur, an employee looking to supplement your income or a local producer, you're bound to find your place in this deliciously entertaining adventure.

Bonus features include:

  • Fast delivery and commissioning.
  • Guaranteed profitability with a return on investment as soon as three units are sold in a month.
  • Preferential rates and area exclusivity when you lease or buy three boxes.
  • Sales support and communication kits.
  • Cool box that comply with health standards.
  • The power that comes with being the number 1 mobile Escape Game network in France.

Let's make the happy hour the best part of the day, together!

Ready to rock your area with the world's most festive Escape Game? Just follow these simple steps:
  • Fill in our online request form.
  • Keep an eye on your inbox: you'll receive our reseller pack, and then we'll arrange a follow-up call.
  • Select the games you can't wait to offer to your customers and get on board with us to become the undisputed local reference in the art of the aperitif!
And off you go! We'll provide you with everything you need to get started - you're going to love this new adventure.

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