For whom?

You're hot tonight!

Who is this game for?

Can everyone take part?

Whether you're a novice or an experienced escape game player, with family or friends, you'll love the escape game: L'apéro!

Although the theme of the game is aperitifs, children are welcome in this escape game, where they may not get all the jokes, but they can help solve the puzzles and will be handsomely rewarded in the food department.

Is it a difficult game?

A tab of clues and solutions is at your disposal to guide novices through their initiation. As for escape game fans, they won't be disappointed with this game with a difficulty of 4 out of 5 without clues.

The clues will also allow you toadapt the game time to your liking (between 1h and 4h).

Escape Apéro, the thirst of the century

A day after the aperitif:

Last night we were able to try out the escape aperitif with our friends, and it was a good laugh! It's a well-organized affair, with victuals delivered as the adventure unfolds to keep us on our toes - quite frankly, it was a real pleasure! I must say, we're also spoiled for choice when it comes to aperitifs: white wine, beer, fruit juice for the drinks. Terrine, sausage, cheese and breadsticks for the food! (Note: these are all local products! 😜) Suffice to say, there's plenty to enjoy! In short, it was a unanimous success and we highly recommend it!

quentin nolleau,